introducing lisa

It is more than you think!


Lisa does not require an expert. Everything runs our powerful Ai.


Lisa is properly engineered to handle any data engineering job without lags.


Our data preprocessing and aggregation algorithms are so fast you will tip us.

Our Products

All you need to grow.

Building a data driven business has never been easier and affordable.

lisa App

Built to assist MSMEs to build and run data-driven businesses away from the old business management solutions.

lisa BD-API

Built for companies looking to integrate big data analytics and AI technologies in their existing platforms.

A new & better way

Built to help you leverage on the power of AI and big data analytics without the usual tedious and costly processes.

Quick Setup

Integrating lisa with your business takes minutes!

Fully Automated!

Everything else after setup is run by our powerful AI algorithms.

building data driven businesses.

What we do for MSMEs and Informal Sectors.

To enable the marginalized groups to leverage on technology to build profitable businesses, we work with partners to educate business owners on how to employ data driven methods to in their businesses.


What people say

We asked a couple of our users and other stakeholders what they think about lisa
and here is what they had to say.

What I like about lisa is the data aggregation part and the fact that It is automated and almost instant.


HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

Lisa APIs are going to completely change how we build and develop Analytics & AI solutions for business in Africa.


Data Scientist

Lisa insights are helping me track my business growth and also understand my market.

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Lisa App

Lucy, Nairobi

I had a challenge on accountability with my worker. The app has helped me on activity tracking, & improving worker accountability.

Lisa App

Software Developer


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions most of our users ask.

1. What is big data ?

Big data as the words suggest is technically used to refer to large amounts of data that varies, changes and increases quickly. Data in this context is information describing a business entity. For example, type of customers, business location, etc.

2. Why is data important for my business?

Data is information about your business. When organized and utilized with the right technology, it will help to accurately and timely answer pricing, marketing, product and business financial questions

3. Who is lisa built for?

Lisa is built to work with any business at any level. We have an API, mobile and web apps for various business needs. However, our mobile app is available for selected categories of businesses and users. Request a demo to learn more.

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