Using AI to Power Customer Satisfaction.

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, exceptional customer service is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to thrive. However, limited resources and the constant pressure to wear multiple hats often leave SME owners struggling to deliver the level of customer service they aspire to.

Fortunately, technological advancements are bringing about a transformative solution: Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered customer service assistants. Today, I would like to take you through what AI assistants such as #lisa could help you achieve.


Why AI is a Perfect Fit for Customer Service


By design, AI assistants are built to automate repetitive tasks such as answering frequently asked questions, planning order delivery, scheduling appointments, and sending personalized follow-up messages. As an SME owner/manager, this frees up valuable time for you to focus on core business activities or provide more complex customer support. Imagine a #bakery owner like Sarah, struggling to manage online cake orders while juggling baking duties. An AI assistant can handle order confirmations, answer basic cake customization questions, and even schedule deliveries – freeing up Sarah’s time to focus on crafting delicious treats and providing exceptional in-person customer service.

24/7 Availability

Unlike us, AI assistants operate around the clock, ensuring prompt responses to customer inquiries regardless of time zone or business hours. This creates a more positive customer experience by minimizing wait times and frustration. A boutique clothing store in Nairobi might see a surge in website traffic after being featured in a fashion blog. An AI assistant can handle the influx of inquiries outside of regular business hours, ensuring potential customers aren’t left hanging or lost, and can convert their interest into a sale, while you, are enjoying the warmth of your new duvet in your 7 bedroom Muthaiga residence (don’t worry kama hauna, work harder, itakuja tu).


AI can leverage customer data to personalize interactions and build stronger relationships and loyalty. Imagine sending automated birthday greetings with discount codes for their favorite clothing style, or offering support in a customer’s preferred language (like swahili, sheng or slang for Kenyans) – these are just a few ways we can use AI to improve customer service for our businesses as MSMEs.

So that everyone understands;

Consider “Wanjiku and Daughters Bookshop,” a reputable bookstore facing a common SME struggle. Their passionate staff prioritizes personalized in-store customer service, but managing online inquiries was a growing challenge. Delayed email responses left online customers feeling neglected, negatively impacting their brand perception.

Wanjiku and Daughters Bookshop can leverage AI assistant to respond to inquiries on time, process bookings, help customers find books etc., freeing staff for complex tasks. Book recommendations based on browsing history and chat content can be provided through the assistant, increasing engagement and sales. By integrating AI, Wanjiku and Daughters can bridge the gap between their in-store service and online presence and maintain their brand reputation.

In Conclusion,

AI-powered customer service assistants like Lisa (launching soon!) offer a promising solution for SMEs like The Wanjiku and Daughters Bookshop. By automating routine tasks and providing 24/7 support, Lisa can empower SMEs to deliver a seamless customer experience across all channels. This not only frees up staff time for Sarah, the bakery owner, to focus on baking or allows the Nairobi boutique to offer extended online support, but also allows them to focus on building stronger in-person customer relationships, a key advantage for SMEs in today’s competitive market.

Learn More About Lisa here

Stay tuned next week for a deeper dive into Lisa’s functionalities and how she can help you revolutionize customer service for your business/organization! #Lisa #FutureofCustomerService


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