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It's time to do things differently

Use the lisa app to build, grow and scale your business using our powerful AI to make well-informed business decisions.

Time to build a business you are proud of

It is your goal to build a reputable, profitable and sustainable business. It is our commitment to help you reach there.
Where there is data smoke, there is business fire!

A business that makes data-driven decisions.

"Your decisions affect the future of your business. There is no better way to make accurate and reliable business decisions than basing them on your business' data"
Stacey Nduta
CEO & Founder (Kijani)

A business whose future is guaranteed.

To understand your future, you must start with now. lisa allows you to aggregate all your business’ data into one place and use it to understand your business’ future.

Built to work for you.

Do more, Quickly!

Monitor Business Activity

See who among your workers is doing what, and when they do it. Ask questions and get instant answers from your workers.


Learn from customers

Acquire, keep and serve more customers by understanding their spending habits and value they bring for your business.

Streamline expenses

They say cash is sensitive. We could not leave this part out. Get tips and insights on better spending habits for your business.


Track Your Growth

You need to know exactly how well your business has been doing, how it is doing and what the future promises so that you can plan your resources properly.

Upgrade your business.

We have packaged everything you need to grow your business in lisa app. Growth starts by signing up!
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