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Work with Lisa to provide instant customer service over social media, WhatsApp, and web at a go, 24/7.

How it works

Create Account

Set up and verify your lisa account in 45 seconds.

Connect lisa

Link lisa to your customer channels; CRM, Social media, Email WhatsApp etc. 


Lisa will respond, start conversations as well as resolve any customer inquiries.

Do more with less!

Lisa handles customer needs without supervision and keeps you updated on critical issues.

  • Is your Social media manager. 
  • Can handle any customer inquiry.
  • Escalates critical issues to personnel.
  • Can be turned off for one or all channels.

Starting at $10/Month.

We also allow you to pay for what you use.

Supercharge Your Efforts!

Grow your business from anywhere, anytime, effortlessly.

Meet your assistant

Whether it is collecting payments, communicating to customers, tracking your performance, your assistant is always at work to ensure you work better.

Get things done

Got something you need done? Just ask your assistant - “Hey lisa, collect debts older than a week”

Cut running costs

We bring the power of precision, lisa is designed to help you cut running costs by up to 1.7X. Spend where it matters, serve who matters when it matters.

Convert More customers

Infuse our AI into your customer pipelines to create personalized experiences and convert 2X more customers.

Get started For $9/Month!

Flexible pricing options tailored for every business size and need.

Building the next unicorn?

Lisa is here to fuel your ambitions! 🚀

Generate Leads

Use our dynamic leads forms to generate leads and integrate them directly to your app.

Convert Leads

Let lisa help you engage your potential customers, and turn them into subscribers.

Build Something People Love.

Leverage our deep analytics to understand your customers and improve service delivery.

Never Worry About CLM

Let lisa handle everything about your customers, from sign up to conversion to service delivery.

Get Started Free!

Lisa is free for pre-revenue startups for up to 6 Months!

Your biz deserves a raise!

Improve operational efficiency by infusing data-driven technology into your operations, and management.

🚀Aggregate Your Data

lisa’s secure cloud based data management and aggregation technology allows you to centralize access to your data and inform better decisions faster and efficiently.

Simplify processes, save time

Got something you need done? Just ask your assistant - “Hey lisa, collect all debts older than a week

Operational efficiency

Do more for less - lisa reduces operational processes by up to 90%, allowing you and your team to dedicate time into what actually matters.

Convert More customers

Lisa employs deep AI analytics to build customer profiles and strategies to help you effortlessly target and convert more customers.

Get started with $11/Month!

Flexible pricing options tailored for every business size and need.

Scale your business efficiently

Lisa is designed to help your organization to aggregate and employ data driven methods to fuel growth and sustainability.

Start by spending where it matters

Lisa analyzes expenses, revenue streams, and market trends to recommend where to allocate resources strategically for maximum impact. This helps streamline operations and drive sustainable growth.

Strategize like a pro

Through advanced algorithms, Lisa identifies market trends, customer preferences, and operational efficiencies, enabling you to make informed decisions and formulate robust strategies for growth.

Cut Running Costs

Use lisa to reduce expenses, identify inefficiencies and areas of overspending. This helps optimize resource allocation for improved profitability and financial sustainability.

Bring your Existing tools

We know how much your tools mean to you. Lisa integrates and works effortlessly with tonnes of your other apps, so you don't have to worry about switching apps.

Get started with $13/Month!

Flexible pricing options tailored for every business size and need.

Hold on, it gets better! 🎉

🤖 Zero Learning Curve

No business terminology or software wizardry needed. Your assistant understands your language, making the tech seamlessly work for you.

🔗 Seamless Fusion

Your business deserves unity. Our AI effortlessly integrates with social media and other business apps, creating a harmonious ecosystem for your growth.

🛠️ Your Assistant, Your Rules

Get access to lisa 100% through our API. Customize the AI to dance to the rhythm of your unique business needs.


What Our Valued Adopters Say


Emma, Boutique Owner: “Lisa is like having a virtual business partner. I can generate vital documents instantly, and its user-friendly interface makes it a go-to tool for someone like me, without extensive software knowledge.”


Sophie, Marketing Maverick: “Lisa not only handles data but also takes charge of our marketing game. The automated campaigns have saved us time, and the personalized touch ensures our message resonates with the right audience.”


Carlos, Supply Chain Visionary: “Lisa’s predictive analytics have revolutionized our supply chain strategy. The insights provided enable us to make informed decisions, ensuring efficiency and minimizing disruptions.”

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Stand Out!

With intelligent recommendations, personalized marketing strategies, and streamlined operations, Use Lisa to ensures that your business not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. Elevate your brand and stay ahead in the competitive market with Lisa by your side.

Become an expert

With Lisa, you can become your own expert in managing your business. Lisa provides tailored support and streamlined workflows, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive sustainable growth for your business.

Data is the new oil, but without the right tools and strategies, it remains untapped potential. Get lisa to unlock the power of your business with insightful analytics and informed decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to common queries and find solutions swiftly with our concise and informative FAQ section.

Yes, lisa is designed to work for any business, from MSMEs to large organizations. 

Pay only for what you use. Subscriptions start at only $10/Month.

Yes. The lisa API can be accessed as follows:

  1. Integrate the aggregation API and access the rest via the app.
  2. Get access to the model directly by making request from your apps to lisa. Contact for assistance.

Resources For You

Learn how to use data and AI to seamlessly grow and scale your business.