Good news! There is a new update!

Good news! There is a new update! [Introduction]

Hello there. My name is Pheneas Munene. My team and I are excited to share with you our latest development with the lisa app. For starters, lisa app is a small business management solution that is built to help small businesses get access to modern technology, become more efficient, and most importantly build data-driven businesses. The lisa app is part of our Business AI Infrastructure that we are building here at phindor to help businesses implement and deploy AI solutions quickly and affordably. lisa app allows you to access this technology for your small business without having to break a neck.

Over the last couple of weeks, since we launched lisa, we have received enormous support from the business communities in Nairobi, Eldoret and Mombasa where lisa app is currently being used by small businesses to optimize business operations and make data-driven decisions.

We have gained insight from over 300 of you who requested we improve on the app design, and introduce new features, especially in stock management, business expense and financial management. Most importantly, we noted that most of you loved our smart insights feature and understood the value it brought to your businesses. We were overwhelmed by your support and for this reason, we have been working tirelessly to improve and make the lisa app even better.

The Update

We noted three major issues with our first release. From the feedback we gathered, it was clear that there was need to provide more insights and analytics. As noted, the app is supposed to help you understand what your customers want, know whether a product is worth stocking or not and most importantly help you figure out ways to make more money while spending less. The other issues we have addressed is that of financial management, so that you know how you were paid.

1. Insights

Currently, Insights on the app are categorized into two: Product insights and Accounting Insights. Let us start with product insights. lisa does the following:

  • Items/Products that have the most value to your business and give you the reasons why
  • Items/products that move quickly for different periods of time/day or week.
  • Recommend products that you maybe need to stop selling. These are product that do not provide any tangible value to your business.
  • Let you know which products your business should never lack for specific periods of time, depending on how people in your area consume them.

for sales/financial/accounting insights, lisa does the following

  • Help you compare your sales with your expenses and recommend a safer spending threshold for your business.
  • Learns your customer’s spending behavior to let you know the best times of the day for your business.
  • Help you compare the performance of your business over time and give you tips on how to improve.
  • Lets you know which days of the week you should never miss.

We have also added the moving average, which is just a number that is designed to help you know which direction your business is taking. It has been calculated by taking into consideration your performance, that of your products and customers. It is a magic number. We did this to provide a very simple and easy way of tracking your growth.

2. Organize your money

Honestly, we did not know much on how to handle this feature but we are glad to have partnered with you (our clients) to build and improve it. As we speak, you can now tell what amount was paid to you via

  • mobile money,
  • cash,
  • credit,
  • or other methods.

You also get a transaction record for each with all the details and insights. You are also able to tell what amount went to

  • expenses, and
  • discounts.

Moreover, lisa now allows reversals just in case a customer needs a refund or when goods are exchanged.

What will amaze you is how easy we made it. We know that as a business person, your time is limited and therefore, our number one goal is to build an app that simple but packs all that you require when you require it.

3. Smart tracking

When we were formulating lisa, we were inspired by virtual assistants. So our thought was to build an app that would assist a business owner run their business and lift off most of the baggage from them. To do this, lisa app should be able to track everything for you and provide alerts and reminders on major business aspects such as,

  • When your customer preferences changes
  • When demand for certain products changes
  • When you need to reorder products, the quantities and from whom?
  • Employee activity
  • Business insights
  • Business growth
  • Stock management etc

In this update, here is what we have done, when lisa notices that there is a product whose demand is high, you will get an alert asking you to make sure that the stock for this product is not below a certain level. Second, lisa identifies those products that need restocking and alerts you before you run out of stock. How lisa does this is by monitoring how a product is selling and is able to decide the perfect quantity that you should have in your shop/store.

This way, we believe that we save you time and offload you all the counting and deciding. Basing your operations on such a smart system, lisa is not only a wise thing to do for your business but also a necessary action.

lisa is work in progress, we want to build a business solution that leverages on smart technologies to enable businesses across Africa to become efficient and to grow. Over time, expect lisa to become smarter, and more personalized to your business needs.


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